Building & Construction: The Future of Sustainable & Green Home Living

Solar Panel CladdingFor the last hundred years, home building has drastically changed as it is now. Although most new homes remain stick-built. But if you look closely, many incremental developments had already taken place. These evolutions are fairly visible to the basic products as well as practices, which are used to improve performance and productivity on-site while cutting the costs and cycle time.

Taken altogether, these advances creates a sea change as to how new homes are built today. But what specifically are these changes?

Here are some of them:

Next Generation Concrete Materials

The minimum standard performance for a home’s thermal is on the rise. As a solution to this change, experts introduce a better alternative to meet the increasing demand of homeowners and that is through the introduction of insulated concrete form (ICF). This technology is often applied to various building materials which are mainly used for roofs, floors, and wall structures. It offers the same integrity to that of regular concrete only it is less costly and easier to install.

Advanced Project Management Application

Today, many house builders are plunging into technology. One of the most popular today is the use of application or system to plan and design a sustainable home without wasting any materials or workforce as the project advances. Through this advancement, the developers are hopeful that they’re able to control and directly monitor their budget as the project goes on.

Solar Panel Cladding

Combining the functionality of a cladding and heating system into one, solar-thermal cladding is probably the smartest building innovation today. It consists prefabricated panels that function as a thermal storage device for use when the temperature becomes colder. The panels are also angled in a way to totally deflect the scorching heat of the summer season.

These are just some of the most outstanding innovations in the building industry. With this, one can expect better changes ahead which are both beneficial to the environment and to the owner itself.

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