Achieving the Industrial Chic Home Design in 5 Steps

Interior of modern living roomIs your home in dire need of a modern makeover? Have you grown tired of your marble kitchen countertops and overdone archways because they’re just “too 1990s” for you? If you’re really looking into changing things up with a hip and modern interior design style, you can go for the industrial chic look. This design marries the elements of wood and metal in perfect harmony. Go ahead and look into buying steel tubing, metal framework, different textures of wood, and a neutral color palette, to begin. Then you can follow these steps to achieve the industrial chic design that’s perfect for a bachelor’s pad, or a cool, modern family home.

Step 1. Choose Your Neutral Colors

In interior design, a neutral palette is usually a monochromatic scheme that uses little to no color. Shades of gray, white, black, beige are common neutral options.

Step 2. Get Your Wood

Choose warm woods, with different textures. A wooden coffee table, wood panel floors, or wooden shelves are great examples of how to incorporate wood into your industrial scheme. You can choose whichever wood catches your fancy, as long as you have a variety of shades and textures.

Step 3. Get Your Metals

A steel cabinet. Metal stools, railing, and lighting fixtures – these are good examples of industrial elements to add to your home. Get them in different textures, preferably in their natural metal tone so as to complement your neutral scheme.

Step 4. Show Your Bricks, Beams, and Pipes

A gray, brick wall, dark wood, metal beams, and freshly painted pipes are the main characteristics of the industrial chic design. Leave them as is or reveal them as you renovate. Just make sure to clean and repaint them for aesthetic purposes.

Step 5. Keep Your Space Wide and Open

Being industrial means keeping things wide by avoiding chunky wall dividers. The exposed beams and pipes will help create the illusion of open space and depth.

After following all these steps, your home will be the perfect setting for an intimate wine-and-cheese gathering with friends, a romantic candlelit dinner with your loved one, or a peaceful night to relax with a cup of tea – or milk and cookies for the kids. 

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