Your Trusty ‘Ole Heating Companion: Is it Time to Repair or Replace It?

Old Furnace Being RepairedThere will be times when spending money saves you more money. This is usually the case when it comes to your furnace. Although, you don’t always need to replace it because there are changes and furnace repairs that can help lengthen its lifecycle. Your furnace in Gloucester can typically last for around 25 years if you properly maintain it, says Ambient Comfort, llc.

Below are some of the reasons when it’s time to retire your heating companion:

1. Is your furnace inefficient and old?

If you’re in a home built before the 1960s, then you’ll probably have an old boiler system. You don’t need to get a new one, but you have to get in touch with a professional to have its system overhauled. This is the only way to make it more energy efficient.

2. Does running your furnace cost a lot?

Determine which is the least expensive to operate in your area, whether it is gas or electricity. Getting a new system will save you more in the long run.

3. Is the heating load of your furnace working inefficiently?

Heating load is the volume of energy needed to preserve a fixed 65-degree temperature inside your home. Get in touch with your utility company to determine your heating load. They can conduct an energy audit that will assist you in discovering methods to make a more energy efficient home. This step can even keep you from getting a new furnace. If in case, your efforts do not change the inefficient system, then you probably need to replace it.

Replacing your old furnace with a new one that’s 97 percent efficient will save you about 20 percent of your utility bills. To figure out if replacing it is worth it, sum up your fuel bills from the last winter, then multiply the total by 20 percent.

Divide the amount into the price of purchasing and setting up a new system, which will cost around USD 3,000. You will then be able to determine the years that it will take to recover your investment. The bottom line here is to equip your home with an energy efficient system.

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