Understanding The 3 Types of Protective Packaging

Man holding a boxIt is not unusual to have a package returned to your company due to some damages, even though it left your hands in good condition. This is because the packages are subject to damage during transport because of rough handling, movement of vehicles and rough dropping.

It is, therefore, necessary to invest in protective packaging in the UK for your products. Here are some of the common types of protective packaging you can choose from:

Bubble Bags

These bags are made from air bubbles that are compressed into two plastics. They act as shock absorbers, as it takes a lot of effort to burst all the bubbles in one bag. The fact that they come in various sizes and shapes makes them an ideal packaging solution. They offer the user both benefits of a packaging and protective solution.

Padded Divider Set

These are boxes with compartments that are used to protect items during shipment. As walls divide the compartments, you can ship two or more incompatible items to the same person in the same box to save on delivery costs. Whilst this packaging solution comes in all sizes, it is most suitable for shipping small objects.

Packaging Peanuts

Also called foam peanuts, packaging peanuts are foam-based products. They mimic the shape of a peanut and are mainly used to protect fragile items that come in batches. They act as fillers in the spaces around the items; therefore, creating a cushion effect. These are commonly used in cardboard boxes.

Because a sales return due to damaged goods upon arrival can hurt your profit and reputation, it is wise to choose the best protective packaging. The three solutions above will help you achieve that. Keep in mind that your choice of a packaging solution should depend on your application.

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