Top Factors That Damage the Drywall

A damaged wallA lot of what causes drywall damage are out of your control. A damaged drywall is easily noticeable and can cost the aesthetics of any room. To keep your walls always looking good as new, you need to understand what causes damage so you can know how to prevent them. Below are some factors that cause drywall damage.


Moisture will erode the drywall and then cause damage to the paint. The causes of moisture include leaky pipes or a number of other plumbing problems around the house. Once you compromise the drywall, the paint on it will not last as long as it should. If you need a professional paint job, ensure that they first check for the root of the problem.


Termites are little bugs that feed on wood. They not only eat wood, but they are also known to feed on drywall causing damage to your wall. You need to check if you have a termite problem and if so, you must call in an exterminator. They will use the right tools for drywall to ensure that you do not have an infestation.

Settling of the house foundation

As a house is getting older, the foundation will start to settle. This can cause stress on the drywall which can cause significant damage. While you have no control over this, a professional can easily make repairs.

The drywall is one of the most important materials in building modern homes and buildings. Different factors can, however, damage it. If that is the case, you should discuss your options with a contractor to understand what you can do about it. Additionally, improper installation can compromise the quality of your drywall in the first place. It can cause problems such as drywall bulge and the like. Make sure you prevent damages from the start and not after construction.

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