Lodging Questions Answered: Difference Between Hotel and Motel

MotelThe rise in the various types of accommodation choices confuses many people on which one to choose. In order to understand which is better for you, it is important to know the differences between each accommodation type. Hotels and motels sound alike and might look alike, but they differ in a lot of ways. Below is a comparison of the features that both hotels and motels offer the traveller. See which one suits your travel needs.


“Motel” is a combination of the words “motor” and “hotel”, and first introduced in 1925. Motels cater to people on a journey looking for a place to rest for a short time. Unlike hotels, motels are not meant for a long-term stay. However, over the years, motels that cater to long-term tenants are slowly growing. When it comes to services, motels only caters to very basic needs, which more often than not, includes only breakfast and sometimes swimming pool services.

One thing that distinguishes a motel from a hotel is its location. Motels are usually found along a stretch of a road or on highways. Since most motels are privately owned, you would come across a motel for sale along a Sydney road. In Australia, most motels are sold like residential properties.


Hotels originated in 1765 and is a French term for a property that provides accommodation, meals and other services. Hotels have a lot of rooms spread on different floors. They cater to those in need of a getaway (some hotels double as resorts) or those looking for basic luxury.

Hotels are among the most comfortable type of lodging, and offer private beds and bath, television, housekeeping, meals, and other services such as laundry and room service. Hotel rates are higher compared to motels because of the quality and range of their services.

Knowing the difference between the two makes it easier for you to choose which type of accommodation to book based on your needs.

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