Polyester Straps: A Load Securing Systems Alternative

Polyester strapsPolyester has many applications. People use polyester in car tire reinforcements and safety belts. Some even make fabrics from a portion of polyester. Materials made of polyester are resistant to tearing, shrinking or wrinkling.

Forwarding and freight companies use polyester straps in load securing systems. With its high strength and resistance to ultraviolet rays and nicks, polyester straps manufactured by firms such as xpak.com.au is an alternative to steel strapping.

Polyester Straps vs Steel Straps

Though very strong and durable, steel straps cost more than polyester straps. On the one hand, steel straps cannot expand when its load such as wood due to moisture, expands too. Polyester straps, on the other hand, can change with loads that expand and contract through the course of shipment.

Steel straps are also more easily corroded by chemicals than polyester straps. Steel straps abrade more easily than polyester straps. Inconveniently so, handling steels straps cause more injuries as compared to using polyester straps.

Also, polyester straps with UV coating can withstand even the harshest heat of the sun. Nevertheless, in addition to steel straps being used ideally for transporting large and stable cargo, it can also be used to store or transport loads that have sharp edges.

Polyester Straps are Practical

Practical to use, polyester straps are easily fastened. Strap manufacturers generally provide training and on-site product demonstrations. Nevertheless, they also offer advice on how to secure it depending on the load. Polyester straps are also affordable.

Polyester straps and steel straps each have their own merits. Depending on the size and the material of the load or cargo, the client can shift to either using polyester or steel. Despite the choice of using either one, the most important element of all is safety, not only for the load but the persons involved as well.

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