If You Plan to Drill a Well, These Are Your Options

A water dropWhether you need water for your business, cottage or home, a well is an excellent option. This is especially true in when you need water supply in areas that are not covered by your city or town’s water supply. Before you drill a well, however, know that there a few things you need to be aware of.

Well drilling requires evaluation, research, and approval by an expert company, such as Carlyle Drilling. Reason being, well drilling requires you to estimate the depth of the water table, the soil type, and the proximity of features that may affect the quality of water among others. So, which is the best well option for you?

Intermediate well

Also referred to as the salt and pepper well, this option has a diameter of approximately 3–4 inches and a depth of approximately 320 feet. As a result, they require a deep jet pump.

Depending on the soil mineral properties in your area, your intermediate well may provide a reliable drinking water supply. In other areas, the water might contain a little bit of sand and sulphur minerals.

Rock well

This category can have a diameter of 2”, 3” or 4”, and a depth of between 80 and 200 feet, depending on the soil composition and environmental laws in your area. Most rock wells produce water that is rich in minerals such as iron. This makes the water healthy for home use and consumption by both humans and animals.

Screen Gravel Pack

You can drill screen wells with a 2”–4” casing. A screen is then installed where the shell or the course sand or both are. It is an excellent option where a rock well is impossible to drill due to either lack of enough water on the rock or lack of rock altogether.

The depth is normally between 60 and 150 feet, depending on your area. Although you can use it for drinking water, it is mostly preferred for irrigation and animal feeding.

Identifying the type of a well that is suitable for your needs and your area is half the effort. You need to identify a well-drilling contractor who can use modern technology to provide you with quality services.

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