Fiberglass: The Best Material for Flat Roof Systems

House with a Flat RoofCommercial establishments can benefit from a roofing makeover. If you think your business in Utah will fare better with a flat roof, then it is time to weigh the options. Which material gives you the best return on investment?

Modified single-ply bitumen, reflective PVC, EPDM rubber, built-up gravel, and silicone coating are some of the options you will hear when you start asking around. Read on, and you will find out why fiberglass roofs are in demand and most highly recommended.

Modern roofing revolution

Drive around Utah and take note of the construction design and choice of materials for commercial buildings. A flat roof, usually associated with business savvy, can be made using fiberglass GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) and is a popular choice.

Improvements in the technology, which hindered wide acceptance of the system in its early days, ensure the installation and maintenance of modern roofs, as they should.

Durability and reliability

As a roofing material, fiberglass is lightweight, strong, and impervious to direct assault or injury. Fiberglas GRP does not come cheap, but they also come with a 20-25 year warranty. You can rely on their ability to weather any storm without the need for meticulous and costly maintenance procedures.

Perhaps the only sign of wear will be faded exterior coating, but the roof will stand the test of time. Should the material incur damage, repairs are easy to accomplish, and the result of modern bonding techniques leave no mark on the surface.
Aesthetics and versatility

A fiberglass roofing system is impressive to look at and renders any building with a contemporary edge. Aside from this, a joint less GRP system is versatile regarding shape, color, size, and thickness.

Although less than ideal for a large roof area, the materials are adequate for typical buildings that aspire to project an image of modernity and efficiency.

A fiberglass GRP system comes highly recommended. Consider this top option when planning to renovate your place of business.

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