Common AC Maintenance Mistakes Homeowners Often Make

Airconditioning unit and repairmanMany property owners know the immense benefits of installing ducted air conditioners, but high cost is a hindrance to them. Interestingly, those that have spent thousands on this system tend to forget important maintenance tasks. Overlooking a small step can lead to large problems down the road. You do not want to sweat out the summer just because you let the dust settle too long or failed to replace a damaged component in time. By avoiding some common mistakes, you will enjoy the functionality of your air conditioner for long.

1. Not Replacing and Cleaning Filters

Although most people know the importance of this maintenance exercise, they tend to forget this simple chore and only burst into action when there is a significant reduction in performance. Cleaning air filters after six months is the recommended frequency, but it is worthwhile to watch out for signals. When the air conditioner seems to be working harder than normal, it might be time to apply warm soap solution and get down to work.

2. Delaying Cleaning of Coils

Coils of ducted air conditioners are bound to collect dirt and dust with time, the company Conduct Air Conditioning warns. Even if there are filters to minimise proliferation of external objects, you will still need to remove the accrued debris. Delay this exercise for more than six months, and the system will probably start overheating and eventually break down.

3. Ignoring the Air Ducts

While studies have not been conclusive about dirty air ducts contributing to room cleanliness, some dirt and contaminants are so glaring that overlooking them would amount to risk taking. Mould should not be left to stand in an air duct. This also goes to mould that is not visible during a casual inspection. For your part, observe regular cleaning to fend off insects or rodents.

Your air conditioner may appear to be working normally, but remember that efficiency reduces gradually over time. You may not realise the level of damage until it is too late. Fortunately, avoiding simple maintenance mistakes can help keep the system running smoothly for many years.

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