Classical Style Options for Decorative Trim Molding

Wood trimming facilityThe finishing of your home is the primary element that determines its final appearance. One of the finishing options for many homeowners today is the inclusion of wooden decorative molding. Compared to other materials, wood molding is inexpensive, flexible, easy to work with, and reusable.

Decorative wood trim molding disguises inevitable and unattractive but important components of your home’s interior, such as paint lines and rough drywall seams. There are various style options available for wood trim molding, with classical style being a leading choice nowadays. Miskas Wood Products cites some classical molding styles you can choose from.

Egg and Dart Molding

This style will give a Greek revival look to your interiors since it was primarily used in ancient Greek temples. Egg and dart molding feature oval patterns, which are carved into the wood with little darts. It can be used on all types of trim molding, including crown, casing, baseboard, and picture railing.

Pearl and Bead Molding

These are two different molding styles, but they bear stark similarities. They both feature strings of round shapes, though the shape in pearl molding is smaller than that in bead molding. Like egg and dart molding, this style can be used on all areas of your home.

Dentil Molding

Dentil molding is generally associated with Roman and Greek architecture. This style features little squares arranged to look like rows of teeth. It is typically hung between your ceiling and wall and used in conjunction with other molding features. Dentil molding is more costly compared to other style options because it is usually difficult to install.

The above trim molding styles are sure to transform your interiors into classical pieces of art that are amazingly less expensive compared to other solutions. You can include various ornamental pieces to draw attention to the trim moldings. You need not settle for dull interiors and various unattractive components.

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