3 Ways You Can Take Care of Your Boat

Boat at seaOwning a boat isn’t all about having fun cruising down the river or sailing across the sea. It also entails properly taking care of the vessel for its longevity and, of course, the sailors’ safety. For all first-time and would-be boat owners out there, here are some tips for caring for a vessel.

Take it out of the water

One way to care for your boat is to take it out of the water from time to time. If always left in the water, your vessel can be damaged by the sun, algae and barnacles, the water itself, etc. Even on land, however, your vessel will still be exposed to harmful elements like dust and humidity, so you’ll need a storage facility and accessories like boat stands and custom-fit boat covers for protection.

Clean it on a regular basis

Regular cleaning will not only make your vessel look good, but also help prevent its deterioration. Provide your boat, especially its coat and wooden surfaces, some protection from UV rays by polishing, waxing, refinishing, or repainting it. If you use your vessel in saltwater, you should scrub—preferably using a soft-bristled brush—and wash it with freshwater and boat soap or wash ideally after every trip to get rid of any salt residue, which can cause corrosion.

Operate it in the right way

Probably the best care you can provide for your vessel is knowing how to operate it properly. Knowing how can help prevent mechanical damage to your boat and, more importantly, accidents. To learn the basic skills and techniques needed to pilot a vessel safely, you can take a boat safety course, which in some states is required a boating license. Incidentally, you should also familiarize yourself with the boating requirements in your state.

Owning a boat can be very rewarding, but it’ll also take a little sacrifice on your part to care for it properly.

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