The Kind of Wood Molding for Your Home

Beautiful living roomIf you are looking for a simple and affordable way of increasing the value of your home, wood moldings are the way to go since they give a unique architectural feature to your home.

If you want to add a subtle design element to your window, door, or a particular room in your home, Miskas Wood Products recommends decorative wooden moldings as the best choice. However, before selecting one, it is essential to find out what types are available where you can place them, and the designs available. Here are the various types of wood moldings you could choose.


This is a molding option that acts as the finishing edge to wooden flooring. In other projects, it is used to disguise or conceal rough gaps or joints that may appear on the surface. It is available in plenty of finishes and sizes. These include oak, white primed wood, light hardwood, red hardwood, and pine.

Skirting and Architrave Boards

These options effortlessly change the overall appearance and feel of a room or the entire house. They are made from pine which makes them easy to stain, varnish, or paint and blend in with the existing d├ęcor. They are available in reed, ogee, round, and torus.

Timber quadrant

This option is naturally versatile. You can use it as a concealer for the unsightly expansion gaps which occur around wood or laminate flooring. In other cases, you can use it exclusively to enhance the style of a room.

Moldings can be installed in just about any room in your house, from the living room, bathroom and even the kitchen. But remember: one unwritten rule about moldings is that if you have them in one room, they should continue throughout the house for consistency.

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