Home Improvement: Breathtaking Driveways To Get Ideas From

Scenic view while on a road tripNicely done suburban driveways arrest the attention of passersby, while long and winding ones in sprawling estates create experiences in themselves. If you value first impressions and want to increase your property’s curb appeal, then your driveways in Kent should merit a good investment. It is the first feature that welcomes you and your guests, their first look at what is yet to come.

Here are some beautiful driveways to inspire you:

Palo Alto Garden Driveway

This was listed as one of the coolest driveways in the United States by Forbes Magazine. The design marries a charming floral garden and a functional driveway. It is made from concrete and at the center is an island of greens low enough to enable cars to pass through. The narrow shape of the beautiful garden will give you an impression of seclusion as the gate beckons you in.

Chateau Miraval in Southern France

The view from this three-mile long driveway of this majestic property in Provence, France just might be one of the most breathtaking ever. The design was kept open, capitalising on the scenic appeal of its gardens, forest trees, and fountains. Chateau Miraval is a 1,000-acre property and the driveway adds to the sense of grandeur, as one makes his or her way up to the house. If the place sounds a tad familiar, that’s because the property was purchased by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. They now divorced power couple was married here.

Wormsloe Historic Park in Savannah

A popular tourist destination, the estate welcomes its guests with two rows of that seem to form an archway over the mile-long road. This former plantation was once owned by carpenter Noble Jones but it is being preserved now as a historical site, one of the best places to go to in Savannah.

Claudia Schiffer’s Tudor Mansion

This former supermodel’s driveway is worth mentioning for its understated elegance much like the beauty that calls this mansion home. The interior is a mix of old and new, wood and colorful accents but the exterior including the driveway features clean lines and balance. It’ll give you a very relaxing drive leading up to the house.

Space means freedom and more options in property design but creativity has ways of solving issues of size. Think out of the box, take inspiration from the best, and envision those Kent driveways that’ll make you even happier you’ve come home.

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