Hoarder to Minimalist: 4 Tips on How to Make the Switch Easier

a clean spaceOver the years, you may have acquired some things that you do not really use every day. These things can pile up, and you will only realise that you have too much when there is no more space for you to move in inside your own house.

If you feel it is time to get rid of the clutter and to leave only what you need, you can look for self-storage services in Brisbane to hold your surplus of things until you find a way to dispose of them. Then you can follow these tips on how to make it easier to switch from hoarder to minimalist.

1. Write Down Your Reasons

Knowing your reasons is important when making big decisions like these. It will help you stay determined to see it through should you start questioning why you want to do it. So, write down your reasons and keep them somewhere visible. That way they can serve as a constant reminder of what really matters.

2. Do One Room at a Time

Starting with a single room will help you gauge how long it would take you to strip down your house to the bare minimum. This first room will help you realise how you will handle letting go of things that you have had for years.

3. Set a De-cluttering Timetable for the Rest of the House

Once you are through with the first room, you can set a timetable for the rest of the house. Make sure to give yourself enough time to sort out everything you’ve got, and to take it out of your home once you sort them.

4. Create a System to Maintain Your New Freedom

It may take a while before you reach this step. But when you do, you must give yourself time to think of a way to maintain it. Remember to replace, and not add to your things. Or make it a habit of asking yourself if you really need something before buying it.

Remember that this whole process will take some time. You may even experience moments when you will not want to push through with it. One way to counter that feeling is to manage your expectations. You should know that it may be difficult to let go of some things you have acquired.

But keeping your reasons in mind will help you achieve the freedom and happiness of living with only the bare essentials.

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