Cycling with Kids: A Guide for First Timers

Family with their bikesDoing activities as a whole family is fun. Whether it is baking a cake, binge-watching the latest movies, or going out for some activities. However, a degree of preparation is needed, especially for outdoor activities, especially if you have young kids. As a parent, their safety is always a priority; the fun comes in second.

Riding a bicycle around the neighborhood or even farther is one of those activities often done by a family as a whole. Having a MADSEN bicycle to carry the kids is not enough preparation. Like every parent, safety measures are done beforehand. Here are some things worth noting if this is your first time.

Have the right bike

There are different types of bicycle. Make sure your choice will allow you to install gears that will help you be mobile or keep your young ones in tow. For those who have bigger kids, investing in a bike that matches their weight, height, and riding skills is essential.

Protective gears

Helmets, the right shoes, as well as knee pads and gloves should be worn at all times, especially if this is your child’s first time riding a bicycle. Having a handy first aid kit with you is also recommended.

Child seats

Some bikes allow child seat installation. Make sure you have chosen a seat that would match with your bike’s features and vice versa. Always invest in durable and quality ones. The safety of your child depends not only on your riding skill but also on the durability of their seat.


Know how riding with a child feels like before going on long trips. Practicing around the neighborhood can help you familiarize with the new setup and allow you to ride safer.

Make your family bike ride fun, and more importantly, safe, by following these tips.

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