5 Ways to Keep Your Car from Getting Stolen

Man Inside His CarFor most people, a car is one of their most important and expensive purchases. In many cases, it is a symbol of how far a person has gone. It’s both a luxury and a necessity, a work companion and an aid in leisure.

It only makes sense to keep your car in great condition, but that’s not enough. If you’re not careful, there are people out there who would like to take your car away from you.

Here are some suggestions on how to keep your car safe from theft:

Don’t Try to Break Into Your Own Car

Locked out of your car? Don’t try to open your car using nothing but guesswork. This is why it’s important to know a few vehicle locksmiths. They know the right, professional way to do the job. You risk damaging your car (with no assurance that you’ll open it) if you and your friends try to do it on your own. With a compromised locking mechanism, it would be easier for a thief to open it.

Get Some Low-Tech Security

A club lock hooks onto your steering wheel and brake or gas pedal, or your steering wheel and your shifter. There’s also a similar mechanism that you slide and lock under your brake pedal. Many people avoid such locks because they’re not difficult to defeat, but if your car has one and the next car doesn’t, guess which one is the obvious target for most car thieves?

Get Some High-Tech Security

The best security alarm systems aren’t cheap, but if you want to keep your vehicle, you should think about having one installed. Only the truly sophisticated thieves can defeat state of the art alarm systems. Most opportunistic ones won’t even try if they see that red blinking light on the dash.

Get a Car with Engine Immobiliser

Most cars you can buy today come with their own alarm system and engine immobiliser, which make it twice as hard to steal them. Such features usually come as a standard, which means at no extra cost to you.

Watch Where You Park

Many new drivers make the mistake of parking way out in the back of the parking lot where there’s hardly any other car because they don’t want to struggle with parking their car. The problem with that is, it’s easier to steal a car in a deserted part of the parking lot. Park in populated areas instead. Don’t be gone too long if the parking lot doesn’t have security or has a high record of stolen cars. At home, park it in the driveway or the garage, or lock the garage and lock the car in with the key inside the house with you.

No car is truly 100% theft-proof. But you can take steps to make it very hard to steal. Try these suggestions and keep your car secure.

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