4 Eco-friendly Ways to Maintain Your Pool

Installed Pool CoverIt’s nice to have your very own lap pool at home, and maintaining it does not have to be a painful routine. Here are some proven eco-friendly ways to keep it clean easily.

Simply follow these tips:

1. Cover your pool. This is the simplest way to protect your pool from debris and help keep the heat in the water. A cover will reduce the energy you will need to heat your pool, and will prevent the water evaporating.

2. Use plants. Trees and shrubs can serve as windbreak and sun screens. Strategically placed near the pool, they can block the wind, give you privacy, keep you shaded from the sun, and keep the ground around the pool cooler. You could even go European and use aquatic plants as filters. The big plus to using shrubs and adding aquatic vegetation, of course, is that your lap pool will look like a tropical oasis.

3. Use chlorine alternatives. There are many chlorine free systems you can use on your pool. Remember you have to sanitise the pool water to keep it clean and free from algae. Some of these chlorine free systems are Ozone generators, or systems that use natural mineral sanitisers. If you do use plants as a filter, look for a chlorine alternative that will not kill them.

4. Choose Green Technology. A robotic pool cleaner can be an efficient way to keep your pool clean. It reduces the excess use of chemicals, and reduces the amount of times you have to clean your pool and change the filter.

These robotic pool cleans are one of the best inventions to hit the swimming pool industry. Remember that getting a pool has its responsibilities.

It is best to consult your pool builder if you are unsure of what to do.

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