3 Sure Signs That Your Kid Can Shift From Their Crib to a Bed

A Child's BedroomAs a parent, you look forward to every transition that your baby goes through. This is why it’s important to know when your toddler is ready to leave their crib. Here are some hints that you’ll most likely hear from your kids so pay attention:

“Mommy, I want a bed just like yours.”

When youngsters start trying out your bed or express that they want to share your bed or own a bed like yours, then be ready to buy one for them. If you’re worried that they’re still too young, you can get them cribs that can convert into beds. This way, if they do change their minds, you can change the bed back into a crib and vice-versa.

“Mommy, can I choose my own bed?”

In some cases, your toddler would suggest a bed that they like. It’s still best, however, that you choose based on the model’s safety and durability. To add to your child’s enthusiasm, you can bring them along to a Salt Lake City mattress store to shop for their new bed. You may also want your kid to choose their pillows, bed covers, and blankets.

“Mommy, my crib is too small!”

When your little bundle of joy starts bouncing around in their crib and even climbing out on their own, then it’s definitely time to move on to a bigger and fenceless bed. Though the rails of the crib are meant to keep the baby safe, they can be hazardous once your child becomes more active. After all, jumping, running, and roughhousing should not be part of crib play.

As a parent, a part of you probably wished for your little one to stay small, cuddly, and in their cribs forever. However, it’s inevitable they will outgrow their clothes, toys, and even their beds. In the end, your child will be ready to move on to bigger things and you should be prepared to support them.

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