Why HR Professionals Need Employment Law Training

HR staff clapping after their trainingA career in human resources means you have to be a people person. You have to be able to establish rapport with fellow employees. In addition, you need to be able to find and recruit good people.

However, you also need to be familiar with employment laws if you are managing people. This is to make sure you can do your job without breaking the law. Important areas of HR work affected by laws include compensation, employee benefits, workplace safety, and recruitment.

A company may retain an employment lawyer to oversee all these things, but you are on the ground. Here are some reasons for employment law training for HR.

Changing Laws

Laws change all the time. It is important that you keep up with these changes as an HR professional. Doing so will ensure you are not breaking any laws when dealing with people or making policies.

After all, ignorance of the law is not an excuse. You could get your company in legal trouble if you do not comply with employment laws.

Changing Policies

One of the best tools for HR professionals in managing staff effectively is the employee handbook. It details company rules, regulations, and policies. It is in black and white, so it is a great way to settle disputes or resolve issues.

However, the handbook has to comply with current employment laws. It needs regular updates to continue to be an effective tool for HR management. It is your responsibility as an HR professional to know about any changes in the law and update the handbook accordingly.

Changing Risks

Aside from managing employees, employment law training can help you manage risk as well. You have an in-depth knowledge of each employee’s movements, performance, and issues.

This puts you in a unique position to detect if the company may be at risk for a legal claim or action before it becomes a problem. Knowledge of employment law can help guide you on how to handle such situations to protect the company.

An HR professional is responsible for making sure that employees get fair treatment, while protecting the company’s interests. Employment law training for HR can ensure you achieve both of these goals.

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