What You Should Make Sure to Do Before Divorce

A Woman Undergoing DivorceFor many women in the US, a divorce is a complicated blow to their lives. It is important that you are prepared for this, as divorce can be drawn out and even financially and emotionally devastating.

Here are some ways to prepare for divorce:

Secure your financial records

Gather all of your financial records as discreetly as possible, especially if you have a reason to believe your husband will not agree to the idea of divorce, or if he has a history of abusive behavior. Time and money are what you can save if you do this properly. Ask your folks to keep the records for you, or put them in a safety deposit box.

Open a new credit card for yourself only. Savings and checking accounts of your own are also important. You will need money for legal fees and other expenses once the divorce is under way. If your husband is abusing you, you’ll also need money to move out and stay in a safer location.

Hire a lawyer

Again, do this as discreetly as possible. If you live in Suffolk County, hire a good divorce lawyer, one you do no share with your husband. Your lawyer will be able to instruct you on what you should and should not do.

Monitor your credit

Get a credit report and resolve any issues immediately. Sign up for a credit monitoring service so your husband cannot use your name to borrow money without your knowledge, or start splurging to get back at you.

Change your will

Perhaps your will includes your husband, so you have to change that immediately. Ask your lawyer about it. In some states, you cannot totally remove your husband from your will even if you update it until your divorce is final. So after the divorce, be sure to change your will again. You don’t want your husband receiving all of your assets in case something happens to you during and especially after the divorce procedure.

Make a list of your property

An inventory of your non-marital property includes your property before your marriage. It should remain yours. Ask your lawyer about which property is still legally yours; the description or limits may vary from state to state.

Divorce may not always be quick and painless, but there is no reason you shouldn’t be ready for the effects it may have on your life. Protect your rights by preparing as early as possible.

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