Not Just a Legal Assistant: The Great Benefits of Being a Paralegal

Paralegal doing researchSince the 1970s when legal assistants first became a legitimate career, the paralegal industry has improved considerably. They have become a career choice for many people because of the explosive growth, client demands and economic necessity it receives. This is also probably why there is a growing number of paralegal studies available online. Here are just some of the benefits of the career:

Rising pay

During the past decade, compensation for paralegals has gradually increased despite the recession in 2009 to 2010. Paralegals now undertake more complicated and broader responsibilities, which explain a rise in their earnings. Some administrative tribunals and countries even allow paralegals to represent clients in court. Regular paralegal salary range around $50,000 annually, but they usually get more because of bonuses and overtime hours.

Easy career entry

Paralegals only require a few months of learning compared to lawyers who have to finish an entire seven years of formal education. Not only that, lawyers also have to pass the bar exam to practice law. Meanwhile, paralegals do not have to go to a renowned institution to get a paralegal degree or certificate because there are a lot of online programs available.

Intellectual challenge

The paralegal career can be mentally stimulating, and you would have to employ a variety of high-level skills to succeed. Those successful in the field are usually innovative thinkers and problem-solvers. They have to be experts in the subject matter concerning their specialty area. They must also learn to master skills, such as drafting, legal procedure and research.

Paralegals have to keep themselves updated with legal developments and trends, as well as consistently changing laws. In spite all of this, they also have to deal with clients, vendors, staff members, attorneys and opposing counsel.

As you can see from the benefits listed here, paralegals are more than just legal assistants. You can get great pay, great intellectual challenge and a great job at the same time. Could you ask for more?

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