How to Win a Child Custody Case

Child CustodyLosing a child custody case can be devastating for any parent. Fortunately, having a deep understanding of what the courts and what is required will go a long way in helping you win a custody case. Here are some of these tips that will help you win your child custody case.

Be open to joint custody

Any family lawyer in Aitkenvale or elsewhere explains that many parents who go to court with the intention of seeking sole custody end up being disappointed. For a parent to have sole custody, there must be circumstances which prevent the other party from being responsible. A parent will also have to show that they can support the children without the other parent. Besides, many judges are reluctant to prevent either of the parents from having a relationship with their child. In this case, the welfare of the child comes first.

Keep the child support payments coming

Don’t make a mistake of cutting down or stopping the child support payments. Make sure to keep them flowing, whether the agreement was formal or informal. Also, make sure to keep the records of the payments made as this could come in handy when trying to show proof to the court. If there are financial difficulties, make sure to communicate and request a modification.

Find good representation

There is always that temptation of cutting down on costs when it comes to hiring a lawyer. However, custody laws are complicated and keep changing from one state to another. Find a lawyer who can help you argue your case.

Improving your parenting skills and being respectful to the other parent goes a long way in ensuring that the child’s welfare comes first. Following these suggestions will set you up for a successful child custody case.

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