Expose the Fraud: How to Defend Against False Accident Injury Claims

Man faking his accidentGetting involved in a car accident can be traumatic, whether it’s a serious or a minor one. This is why being 100% focused on the road and your surroundings while driving is still the best way to avoid an accident.

But what if the “accident” actually sought you? As the economic pinch continues to affect most of us, more people are resorting to fraudulent means to get extra cash, and that includes fake accident injury claims. If you’re sure you’re on the right, Feldman & Lee PS says that you should take the case to court and get the services of a defense attorney in Marysville.

Staged road accidents include someone ahead of you and they suddenly stepped on the brakes so you hit their vehicle from behind, or a seemingly normal pedestrian slamming their body on your car’s side as you start moving after the light turned green. In both instances, these individuals will feign injury and demand compensation. And there are those who you might have really hit, but did not suffer any injury, yet later on will still make the claim.

How do you protect yourself from such scammers? Here are a few ways you can deal with them:

Put everything in writing

Write down what happened at the scene, detailing the extent of damage to the vehicles and the condition of the other party (no apparent injury, can walk and talk normally, etc.). This will be important when you file a police report.

Listen and take note

Jot down what the other party says immediately after the accident. Did they say, “Sorry, it was my fault, I was going too fast,” or “I did not see you coming when I crossed the street,” or “I’m all right?” These statements can be admitted in court as the truth, on the premise that people who have just been involved in an accident normally can’t think of lying at that precise moment.

Get statements from eyewitnesses

Seek out especially those who were not involved in the accident. They can prove your assertion that the other party was okay immediately after the accident and looked normal. Make sure you write down what they say and don’t forget to get their contact information.

Use your smartphone

Take pictures and videos of the car wreck and the other people involved in the accident. These will show experts if the impact is enough to injure a person. Most importantly, they will also show if the other party is acting normally, without a hint of being injured at the time of the accident.

Armed with these details, you should be able to prove in court that the accident injury is faked.

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