Elements That Determine Your Compensation Amount in Car Accident Claims

Car AccidentCar accidents are among the most common road mishaps, whether fender bender or grave ones. For most drivers, the decision on whether to pursue an accident claim or not depends on their perceived compensation amount. If for any reason they believe the settlement will be substantial, they will proceed with the case.

Unfortunately, there exists no concrete principle of determining your settlement and this is solely based on your case. Regardless of what you think, call a car accident attorney in Draper immediately to assess your accident’s dynamics and advise you accordingly.

Here are the primary elements that determine your compensation:

Your Testimony’s Consistency

You will typically be the star witness in your settlement hearing. The consistency of the statements you give the insurance adjusters, medical personnel, and police after the accident will be evaluated to establish your credibility. Any inconsistency in any of your statements may reduce your final compensation amount.

Level of Negligence

Your degree of fault in the accident will also influence your compensation. If you are proven to be partly liable for the accident, some states will reduce your settlement based on the percentage of your fault. Other states, however, might negate your compensation altogether.

Your Conduct After the Accident

Your actions following the accident should be consistent with your statements to strengthen your claim. Insurance adjusters at times get investigators to observe you after the accident or analyze your social media pages. If you behave contradictorily with your claimed injuries, this will hurt your compensation request.

Other than the extent of your injuries, the above factors play a crucial role in the amount of compensation you receive. A good attorney will do everything possible to ensure that no negative elements hurt your claim. It is, therefore, important to call one as soon as you can after your accident to find out how you should handle various aspects of your case.

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