Divorce: Top 3 Reasons You Should Choose Mediation

Couple on mediationA divorce is a life event that can be emotionally devastating. It can also be an expensive affair that can leave you financially drained. However, you have an option of choosing mediation, which will help you go through the process more peacefully. So, why should you mediate your divorce? Read on and be enlightened.

It’s cost-effective.

Mediation and arbitration services are always more cost-effective vis-a-vis litigation, stresses Littleton Alternative Dispute Resolution, Inc.  First, there is only one mediator for both parties as opposed to two attorneys in a litigation process.

The process is about helping the parties to resolve as quickly and as efficiently as possible, which will significantly reduce the billable time. You will also not pay for the expensive drafting and filing of the court documents needed in litigation. Lengthy divorce battles and trials lead to financial ruins of many families.

It’s faster.

In a litigation process, you have to adapt to the court’s program. You also have to wait for the two attorneys involved in a litigation process to agree on the best time. Also, filing a divorce case can be hectic and time-consuming. All these technicalities can take up to a year or two for the court to resolve your matter.

In mediation, you don’t have to contend with all that. Here, the parties are allowed to set their own period for resolving the issues. This makes it possible to address your concerns in a few sessions.

The compliance rate is higher.

Unlike in a litigation process where you have to wait for the judge to dictate what you have to do, in mediation, you have a chance to be heard. You will not only have a say when choosing your mediator, but you are assured that your concerns will be heard. This way, both parties are satisfied and are likely to hold their end of the bargain.

Going through a divorce is devastating not only to you but also to your children. It is therefore imperative to choose the most peaceful, healthier and less stressful way to end your relationship.

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