Child Support Payments: When is it Due?

a child holding her teddy bearAlmost all child support arrangements order supporting parents to send payments on time once a month. But the specific date might be dependent on various factors such as the local court rules, the support parent’s pay date, and the child’s special requirements.

In a majority of support orders, however, payment should be sent at the end of each month since not all individuals get their pay on the first day of each month. This arrangement ensures that receiving parents receive the payment on time and won’t have trouble with money for the supported child.

What If I Can’t Pay Child Support on Time?

Courts usually allow a grace period or cushion for support payments that are late by several days, but if payments start accumulating, the court would have no choice but to intervene, warns a renowned Santa Fe child support lawyer.

In most states, courts would send a notice of delinquency in the event of two consecutive missed payments. This notice contains directions about repayment as well as warnings and specific consequences of failing to pay child support.

Depending on state rules, a notice would be sent for two to six months of non-payment, and if the supporting parent still fails to repay all back payments, a claim might be filed requiring him or her to repay all back payments.

Could I Refuse to Pay Child Support?

If you intentionally refuse to send child support payments, you could be held in contempt of court, lose your driving privilege as well as face heftier fines and criminal consequences. These potential legal consequences could likewise apply to supporting parents who have missed multiple payments.

Do note though that the court could allow you to stop paying child support if the court grants you child support reservation.

Child support payments are very vital to your child’s upbringing. Missing or refusing to pay child support could lead to various legal punishments, so you have to work with an experienced lawyer for your legal options.

Likewise, a lawyer could help you out if you’re looking to file a legal claim or lawsuit that involves child support.

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