Printing Technologies Used in the Custom Commercial Prints

Printing machinePrinted pieces to most people seem alike. In today’s competitive market, standing out from your competitors is paramount. You, however, need not shun commercial printing in the belief that you have no chance to stand out.

There have been several technological advances in the commercial printing sector. As a result, the best and up-to-date printing company in Australia now offers various customisation options guaranteed to set your prints apart. Here are a few technologies you can choose to customise your printed pieces.

Metallic Inks

Your text need not be in black anymore. There are now specialty inks containing reflective metallic particles which create a lustre and shine absent in conventional inks. There are various types of metallic inks including burnished coppers, bright blues, gold, silver, and hot reds. These inks will add brilliance to your prints and can be used to highlight your logo, headlines or contact information.

Die Cutting

Your prints do not have to be the square and rectangular shapes of yesteryears. Die cutting allows you to customise your prints’ shape and give them a visual and tactile edge. You can opt for an outline of your logo or company image. The contours, shapes, and corners you can create with die cutting are limitless.

Foil Stamping and Embossing

Foil stamping and embossing have been around for ages, but technology now allows your printer to use both at the same time to customize your prints. A heated die in your desired shape is used to adhere the foil onto your paper then the area is embossed using pressure. This pressure creates a raised 3D image or text.

With the above options, you are guaranteed to be the leader in your field. Though they are bound to transform your prints, these customisation options are surprisingly inexpensive. This is because the technology your printer uses allows him/her to still keep production costs low.

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