Get Cooling Comfort this Summer: Check You’re A/C

Air ConditionerSummer is fast approaching, and you need to check if your air conditioning system is ready to provide you and your family with the cooling comfort you all desire on a hot summer day. At this time, temperature projections in Salt Lake City could reach 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is prudent to have your air conditioning unit checked by companies doing AC installation in Utah. Here are the things you need to have checked.

Examine your filters

Check the condition of your AC filters and replace them if they are the disposable type, or clean them if your filters are the washable kind. Dirty filters can quickly affect the efficiency of your cooling system, not to mention potentially increase your electricity bills.

Check for air leaks and insulation

Air leaks and insulation issues affect the ability of air conditioners to cool down a room. Your HVAC system can lose around 30 percent of its airflow if leaks are present in the ducts. Applying a sealant may solve the air leak problem.

Make sure to insulate air condition ducts that pass through hot areas like attics to keep the air that is flowing inside cool. You can use a spray foam or rigid-foam insulation to cover exposed ducts running through hot areas in your house.

Get rid of obstructions

Ensure that nothing obstructs your AC’s condenser and compressor. You usually put the HVAC system’s condenser and compressor outside your house. Weeds, debris, or similar obstructions can accumulate near the system.

Get rid of these obstructions and ensure a clear space of about 24 inches around the HVAC system exists.

These are just some of the essential things you need to check before deciding your AC is ready to battle the summer heat. Check all aspects of your AC system to ensure it is ready to cool your house down.

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