Why Do You Have Wisdom Teeth?

Man with wisdom teethYou have probably seen countless of post-surgery videos of young adults who have had their wisdom teeth removed, and laughed at their anesthesia-induced antics. You may have your wisdom teeth also removed in the future, however, at which time you will be laughing at videos of yourself.

Questions about wisdom teeth

For those who have yet to experience wisdom teeth removal, you probably have a lot of questions to ask your oral surgeon in Salt Lake City. Why do wisdom teeth need to be removed? When should you have them removed? Why do you even have wisdom teeth?

Origin of wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth grow as the third set of molars anytime between your late teen or early adult years. Scientists believe these teeth used to help human ancestors in grinding and chewing raw and unprocessed food. With the additional grinding power, they could receive proper nutrition.

Wisdom teeth today

Today, wisdom teeth barely serve any function. Most mouths have become smaller, although some have enough space to accommodate wisdom teeth. Those who have small mouths, however, need to have their third molars removed because they grow at wrong angles or become impacted.

When you have enough space in your mouth, you may still need to have the third set of molars removed. You will likely have difficulty brushing them, increasing the chances of them decaying or developing periodontal disease. You can have them removed to keep your second set of molars safe.

Sedation Needed

Now, as much as wisdom teeth removal videos appear hilarious, your sedation will depend on your anxiety levels. You and your oral surgeon will choose between local anesthetic, nitrous oxide, IV sedation, or oral sedation. No matter the sedation choice, you can make sure that you have someone that can drive you home post-surgery.

You can ask more questions about the removal procedure from your dentist. Once you have your wisdom teeth removed, record yourself, and laugh at your post-surgical ramblings for years to come.

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