What You Need to Do in a Dental Emergency

Female DentistGenerally, there are 3 choices you’ll face when encountering a dental emergency: go straight to A&E, try to care for the injury yourself until you’re able to see an emergency dentist, or call NHS 111 for help and advice. To help you decide what is best, here is some information on what dental emergencies involve.

Do I need emergency care?

Not every dental issue requires a trip to the hospital. Sometimes, it may be an option to call a reliable emergency dentist, such as at Polwarth Dental Clinic in Edinburgh, who will let you know if you need immediate medical attention. The Polwarth Dental Clinic team are fully qualified in dealing with dental emergencies and always endeavour to rectify your dental problem on the day of your injury or accident.

Even if you think you don’t require emergency dental care, it’s still important to see your dentist as soon as possible, if you have problems such as a dull toothache, lost fillings, broken or chipped teeth or broken braces or wires.

Some other issues require immediate dental care. These include: an injured jaw, painful swelling, a tooth that has been partially or fully knocked out, severe toothache and teeth infections that can lead to fever. These can all cause lasting damage if they are not tended to promptly.

How can I prevent a dental emergency?

Accidents can happen to anyone, no matter how careful you are. Still, there a few ways that you can help prevent the need to visit an emergency dentist.

You can protect your mouth with a mouth guard during intensive sports or activities to minimise the potential damage to your teeth, should an accident occur.

It is always important to stick to a regular dental regime to keep teeth as healthy and strong as possible.

It is also vital to visit your dentist regularly, so any problems can be picked up early to prevent potential problems arising later.

You never know when a dental emergency can strike, which is why it’s important to always be ready. If you take preventive measures and have access to affordable dental care, dental emergencies should be nothing to worry about.

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