The Different Methods to Lose Weight by Walking

A woman walking down a streetA lot of people are fond of heading to the gym or going on an evening run even after an exhausting workday. However, if you belong to the other half of the spectrum of people who think running and gym sessions are too intense, consider daily walks. Aside from stocking up on new weight loss products, walking is an easier type of workout for the exercise newbies who desire a smaller waistline. Just ask Dr Natural Healing. Here are ways to do it properly:

Perform Speed-Interval Walking

Changing your walking pace burns calories faster. Researchers from Ohio State University discovered that doing so raises metabolic rate by 20 percent more compared with walking at one fixed pace. They also found out that you walk faster if you do longer distances. Once every week, practice longer speed-interval walks of over 40 minutes for optimum results.

Add Bodyweight Exercises

Integrating simple bodyweight exercises into your daily walks can help you reach your fitness goals. This is because you not only burn more calories, but you also increase your metabolic rate at the same time. In choosing the type of exercise to go for, just stick with compound moves. Bench and wall push-ups on park bench planks, for instance, can help tone your body. Meanwhile, you can easily incorporate walking lunges into your walks, and it will help work out your entire lower body.

Walk Parts of Your Commute

Incidental exercises are movements that you can insert into your everyday routine. These might not seem much, but these will make a massive difference mainly because they are easier to stick to. Keep in mind that walking burns nearly four calories per minute. If you walk for at least 15 to 20 minutes during your weekday routine, you can lose a pound in eight weeks.

A study published in the BMJ proved this, revealing that people who walked part of their commutes had less body fat and BMI compared with those who didn’t walk during parts of their commute.

Who says you’d have to get a gym membership or go on a lot of runs to shed a few pounds? By simply following the tips above, you’re on your way to achieving a fitter body and healthier lifestyle.

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