The Bone Condition That Affects Some Runners

a runner suffering from bone injuries

Injuries come with running, like in any other rigorous physical activity. For certain runners, however, a condition causes hip pain and limits their ability to run. The condition, called femoroacetabular impingement (FAI), affects an unknown number of people in the country. You may have it too, but you can undergo hip arthroscopy and surgery in Utah County to treat this condition.

Bone Spur in Hip Joint

FAI refers to the growth of an extra bone along the bones of your hip joint. The bones can rub against each other because of their irregular figure. After some time, the impingement can lead to pain and stiffness in your hip due to constant friction.

Origin of the Extra Bone

You can develop FAI from a deformity in your hip joint bones during your childhood years. Sadly, you can do nothing to prevent the deformity. You can only treat it once you have confirmed that you have it.

How to Detect FAI

You can first assume you have FAI if you experience a sharp, stabbing pain or a dull ache in your groin area or the outside of your hip. You can try feeling the pain to confirm it further by turning, twisting, or squatting. Afterwards, you can stop running for a while to see if the pain subsides. When it persists, you can turn to an orthopedic surgeon in your Utah County neighborhood.

How to Treat FAI

When the doctor has confirmed that you have FAI, you may undergo non-surgical treatment first. When the pain persists, and MRI scans show damage to your hip joint, you may undergo surgery. Surgeons usually turn to arthroscopic surgery to treat FAI.

Running Chances

Will you be able to run again after hip arthroscopy? Research indicates that you still can. Past FAI patients successfully return to running at a high rate after their surgery. Recovery time averaged at 8.5 months, but it all depends on your condition.

FAI may suddenly affect runners because of its subtle development, yet you can stop worrying if you have FAI. Surgery can easily get you up and running once again.

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