Saggy Breasts: Nothing But The Truth

Half Naked WomanAll women (admit it!) would love to maintain their perky breasts forever. Unfortunately, breast sagging is a normal part of getting older. This is because the connective breast tissue or Cooper’s ligaments responsible for keeping the breasts’ firm shape stretch out, over time, notes Dr. Steven Warnock, when talking about breast lifts in Salt Lake City. Likewise, your breasts gradually change from being full of tissues to being full of fat, making them look deflated and less perky.

But is breast sagging somehow preventable? At least, to a significant enough extent? Let’s look at some points of contention and their validity – or lack thereof:

You Could Prevent Sagging by Wearing Bras

Sadly, this is false. Also, if you wear a bra to bed to defy gravity, so to speak, it won’t really do anything to prevent sagging. Many experts, however, do advise that you wear a supportive bra when exercising because the constant bouncing and push and pull movements could stretch your breast tissue and potentially cause even greater loss of elasticity. Don’t Breastfeed If You Don’t Want Your Breasts to Sag

Breast milk is the perfect food you could give to your baby so breastfeed all you want. A study published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal in 2008 confirmed that breastfeeding isn’t a risk factor for sagging. In fact, pregnancy, not breastfeeding is most likely the culprit because your breasts grow bigger and stay big while breastfeeding, by then gradually shrink to their original size when you’re done breastfeeding. This deflation and weight loss are what could then make your breasts sag.

You Can Do Certain Exercises to Prevent Saggy Breasts

Your breasts are not muscle so there’s no exercise in the world that could prevent them from sagging. There’s some good news though, exercising your chest muscles, particularly your pectoralis major, which is directly underneath your breasts, could help in making your breasts look somewhat perkier and lifted.

You Could Do Something to Prevent Breast Sagging

Although sagging is largely inevitable, you could do some things to try and minimize it. For example, some studies have confirmed that smoking and having a high body mass index or BMI are risk factors for sagging – so, giving up your cigarette and reducing your BMI could help maintain a perkier bosom. You must also avoid yo-yo or crash dieting because rapid weight loss and subsequent weight gain greatly increase your risk of sagging. You could also consider breast lifts because this is the only surefire way to prevent further sagging and to correct the existing condition.

Plenty of women would do virtually anything in this world to prevent and delay their breasts from going south. However, to do this properly, keep the aforementioned things in mind so you know which tips work and which ones are just myths.

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