Replacing Missing Teeth? Choose a Stable Solution

Teeth ImplantConventional dentures can address the aesthetic problem of missing teeth and give you a smile you can be proud of. The sad part is, dentures have stability problems, as they are not permanently fixed on the mouth. This can give you inhibitions when smiling, talking, or laughing freely, especially in public. You also have to put the dentures in a glass with water before going to sleep.

These replacement solutions can offer immediate aesthetic benefits, but they have some shortcomings. While they are cheaper and can be easily made, they are never the cost-effective solution for the long term. Cosmetic dentists in Chatsworth, L.A. Dental Arts suggest considering implants if you want a stable replacement for your missing teeth.

Artificial Tooth Root and Foundation

The main difference between an implant and a traditional denture is the use of an artificial tooth root. The tooth root is usually made of titanium that is accepted by the body. This serves as a sturdy foundation for your teeth, which then infuses with your jawbone. This can also protect and preserve healthy bone and give you a replacement solution that looks, feels, and functions like the real thing.

Here are the other rewards of dental implants:

  • Eliminate the need to cut or grind down healthy teeth for a dental bridge
  • Avoid the pain and instability due to ill-fitting dentures
  • Avoid bone loss in the jaws
  • Remove inhibitions when eating, talking, smiling, and laughing
  • Help maintain the face of the shape

No Worries about Loose Dentures

Many with full removable dentures often complain about problems related to eating and talking. It is common for them to become loose, as well as look artificial. These are not a concern with dental implants, as they stay firmly in place, with a customized dental crown. You can smile and talk freely with implants and even eat all your favorite foods.

When replacing lost teeth, it is best to look for a stable solution. Talk to an implant dentist today and learn more about dental implants and how they can improve your health and quality of life.

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