Questions to Ask your Dentist Before an Invisalign Treatment

Woman wearing an invisalignHaving a great set of teeth is every person’s dream. After all, who would not want to have that picture perfect smile like that of models? But, due to the inconveniences of the traditional methods of teeth straightening, adults opt to live with what they have.

Luckily, however, advancements in dental procedures lead to the birth of invisible teeth alignment procedures, the most common of which is Invisalign. You can get Invisalign here in London from your dentist.

If you are like among the thousands of patients wondering how it works, here are some guide questions you can ask your dentist on your next visit.

How will the dentist administer the treatment?

Your treatment would depend on your teeth condition. However, Invisalign treatment is done by wearing appliance for a definite period until your set of teeth moves to the desired position.

How long do I need to wear it?

Dentists would tell you that you should wear it for at least 22 hours a day for best results.  

How do I maintain the Invisalign appliance?

After getting your Invisalign, your dentist would discuss with you tips on how to care of your Invisalign. This might include a cleaning kit and a list of things you can and cannot eat.

Will it hurt?

There would definitely be some sort of a discomfort and minor lisp, but the pain is nothing compared to that of traditional braces.  

How much would it cost?

The cost of Invisalign varies from one dentist to another. Thus, it is important to discuss its costs, whether it is under your insurance coverage.

How long will it take until I see the results?

It generally takes a couple of weeks to 24 months to see the result depending on your teeth’s condition.

These are just things you can ask your dentist regarding Invisalign. Read more about the procedure and educate yourself so that you can step in your dentist’s clinic prepared for the battle.

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