Prevent Pests from Coming into Your Home

Rat The US professional pest market generated $7.815 billion in total service revenue in 2015 which is believed to reach $10 billion in 2020. With a staggering 815,000 pest control jobs completed that year, the industry is expecting to do more jobs in the coming years.

While there are companies in Salt Lake City that offer rodent control, pest infestation is preventable. A1 Exterminators stressed three points on rodent control: entry points, what they feeding on, and nesting sites.

For all other pests, here are tips on how to address the problem.

Tidy up the kitchen

The kitchen is the preferred breeding place of pests – for there is food. Make sure to restrict your dining area and clean the floor from food residue and crumbs. Clean the floor from crumbs, wipe spills, wash the dishes and clean the drain regularly.

Keep the cupboards clean, store food properly and dispose of the spoiling fruits and vegetable to avoid attracting fruit flies, ants and other pests

Clean other parts of the house

Make sure to clean all the other parts of the house regularly, especially the bathroom. Seal the garbage bins and throw the trash often. Store clean clothes and have a separate room for shoes.

Keep the garage in mind

Keep the outdoor are clean and pest free by avoiding storing wood, sealing cracks on the exteriors and discarding mulch and pet food. Avoid water to stagnate to avoid mosquito breeding grounds.

Destroy when necessary

Once a pest steps inside the house, kill immediately. You may use insect killers or other natural ways to remove them when necessary.

The most effective way to prevent pests from coming into your home is to keep each part of your house clean. Make it a habit to make sure that all spaces are dirt and moist free to prevent pests from making your home theirs.

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