Orthodontic Advancements for Straighter, Healthier Teeth

Clear BracesOrthodontic treatments are a welcome intervention, as they can make a huge difference in one’s oral health. They bring positive change not just to the physical appearance of patients, but also to their overall health and well-being.

And to top everything off, modern orthodontics in Croydon produce improved results, many thanks to the following innovations and advancements in this oral health care industry.

Passive, self-litigating dental braces

One of the more recent introductions to the orthodontic field, passive, self-ligating systems move teeth to ideal locations quicker than traditional dental braces. These oral appliances come with brackets featuring a slide mechanism that opens and closes by itself.

This feature allows the wire to move on its own, which not only reduces the frequency of required adjustments carried out by the orthodontist but also the time needed to complete the treatment.

Also, these braces help considerably minimise friction and pressure on the teeth and gums. As a result, patients have a lower risk of experiencing pain, soreness, and discomfort.

Clear dental braces

Clear braces, also known as invisible braces, are also the modern take on orthodontics. These have the same goal as the self-litigating systems as well as the traditional braces, which is to straighten out teeth and correct alignment or occlusion problems.

The main difference is these braces do not use any brackets nor wires. Patients wear aligners instead, which are custom-made and tailored to fit their individual mouth measurements. Made of clear plastic, they have that welcome lack of appearance many people prefer as they undergo orthodontic treatment.

Their removable characteristic also makes them popular, since it allows patients to eat whatever food they prefer without experiencing biting or chewing difficulties.

Whichever of these oral appliances your orthodontist will recommend, know that they can help you achieve better overall health. And as a bonus, you get to have a more beautiful, stunning smile.

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