Invisalign Reaches Its Four Millionth User and Transforms Four Million Lives

Woman Wearing InvisalignBraces used to be associated with adolescents, but new surveys show they’re growing in popularity among adults. It’s no surprise that Invisalign, the world’s leading clear aligner system, has reached its four millionth user, that person being Matthew Webb, who started treatment in September 2016.

Achieving four million users is a major accomplishment for Align Technology, the company behind the product, as well as the Invisalign-trained doctors around the world. This shows that increasingly, Invisalign is becoming the preferred choice for teeth straightening.

To celebrate this milestone, Align Technology will feature Matthew Webb in an advertising campaign ‘One in Four Million’, which will follow Michael through his Invisalign journey.

Given that people from the UK have increasingly shown interest in teeth straightening, to learn that the fourth millionth Invisalign user is one of ours, is not too surprising.

Making a Difference in People’s Lives

Michael is just one among the millions of hopeful Invisalign users. An orthodontist in Enfield shares why the technological breakthrough of Invisalign has given hope to many: ‘A smile can change everything, your confidence, your outlook, your life. With Invisalign, achieving the smile you’ve always dreamed of doesn’t have to be a big deal’. It’s quicker, less obtrusive and more convenient. As a result, more people venture into it and are given a chance to smile, change the way they perceive themselves and improve their overall quality of life.

Different from the Rest

Invisalign is often described as ‘cutting-edge’, different from the rest. At the heart of the product, beyond its technological merit, there’s a mission to improve the way professionals provide orthodontic treatment. Invisalign addresses issues of convenience and aesthetics, which are two of the biggest concerns in adult orthodontics. It’s all thanks to a combination of biomechanics research, 3D software technology and mass-customisation.

Simply, Invisalign claims to make teeth straightening easier, faster and more discreet than ever. And as we speak, more than four million users are benefitting from it.

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