How Not to Prepare Your Child for a Dental Appointment

Girl Having a Dental Check-upIs your baby old enough to understand dental appointments? How you prepare the child for the early visits will set the tone for future appointments.

Here are some things you should avoid when preparing the kid to see her dentist.

Communicating your fears to the child

Naturally, parents transfer their fears onto their young. Most fear of the dental office can then passed down from mom or dad to the children. If you’ve got a bit of dental anxiety, try to shield your child from this fear.
Talking about how dental visits scare you or how bad your last appointment was will only increase any fear the child may have. Stick to positive experiences when describing or explaining what the child should expect. When your child sees you’re not afraid, she won’t be either.

Bribing your kid into going to the dental office

Parents often bribe children into visiting the dentist. Others use a visit to child dental service here in Utah as a punishment. Don’t make these mistakes. Explain to your child the need for dental visits and help the child make positive associations.

Using words that can instill fear

Words such as “hurt,” “shots,” “painful,” “drills,” and “needles” can introduce or exacerbate dental anxiety. Even using such words in jest or prefacing them with “only a little” will create unnecessary fear. Avoid using such words when at the dental service.

Giving detailed and complicated explanations

Detailed and complicated explanations make procedures appear threatening. If your child asks any questions, answer with straightforward responses. Use simple words and limit the number of details given.

Parents and dental professionals each play a significant role in making a kid’s dental visit a positive experience. Any careless words you utter or anxiety you display will cause unnecessary fear in your child. Find a kid-friendly dental office and use positive reinforcement to get your child ready.

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