How Botox Injections Reduce Wrinkles

A Doctor Injecting BotoxDo you feel like your facial wrinkles and creases make it difficult to conceal your age? Perhaps the lines in your face depict the stress you underwent over the past decades. If you want a long-term solution to get rid of the lines and creases in your face, it may be time to seek consult with a cosmetic surgeon.

A cosmetic expert may perform Botox injection procedures Utah to soften and relax the muscles that contract to form facial wrinkles.

How does Botox reduce the formation of wrinkles?

Botox is a shorter term for Botulinum toxin, which is a substance derived from a microorganism known as Clostridium botulinum. You extract a portion of the compound and dilute it to ensure that you use only minimal concentrations of the substance.

It reduces wrinkle formation by blocking the signals that stimulate contraction of facial muscles. Hence, Botox injections often go in the forehead, crow’s feet, lips, and frown lines.

What occurs during a Botox procedure?

In a Botox procedure, you use a fine needle to inject a diluted portion of the substance. Your cosmetic surgeon will avoid danger regions of the face that contain thin and sensitive skin layers to reduce post-op redness and swelling.

Unlike most surgical procedures, patients who undergo Botox injection no longer need sedation or anesthetics. Your cosmetic surgeon may give you analgesics after the procedure to reduce post-operative pain.

How long does the effect of Botox last?

Botox may take effect 48-72 hours after the procedure. During the first session of Botox injection, the relaxing effect often lasts for four to six months. However, these creases appear longer over time, due to the long-term effect of the compound on muscle relaxation.

Botox has become one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries worldwide. Due to its numerous benefits, cosmetic specialists strongly recommend regular Botox injections among women who want to maintain a healthy, young-looking skin.

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