How Acne Can Adversely Affect Your Teenager’s Life

a woman spotting her pimpleBeing a teenager can be a challenging time. Suffering from acne problems can lead to even greater personal issues. If you’re already a parent, it might look trivial or even petty. However, you should note that extreme acne problems have been proven to have adverse effects on teenagers.

Acne Can Cause Social Anxiety

As much as we would not like to admit it, one’s appearance is essential in most successful social interactions. The significance of this fact is elevated even more during one’s teenage years, when looking good can seem like a life or death situation. Acne can cause your teenagers to lose their self-esteem and withdraw from social events.

Acne Is Linked to Depression

According to recent studies, those with acne tend to be more depressed than their clear-faced peers. They also tend to have a lower quality of life. Do consider the fact that this can be avoided by just taking your teen to a dermatologist like Brian J. Williams, M.D. for diagnosis and treatment.

Acne Can Affect Education

Depending on how profoundly the condition affects your child, the withdrawal can spill over into the school setting. He or she might go to school less or even stop altogether, affecting grades and the overall status of their education. If treatment is not given to your teenager with severe acne, it might lead to problems that can even affect their work habits in the future.

Acne Can Lead to a Distorted Self-image

Not only does severe acne make teens think that they’re ugly; it can also make them feel unwanted. They are always searching for approval from the people around them to validate themselves, and unfortunately, acne worsens their situation.

You may also have encountered this problem during your teenage years, and you should not let your child go through the same hardship. Now is your chance to make a difference in somebody else’s life affected by these conditions. Since this is your child, it can mean the world to both of you.

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