Don’t Settle with Traditional Dentures

Old lady pensioner with happy smile but dental problems with her teeth and a tooth missing by beautiful coastal sceneIf you have one or missing teeth, traditional dentures can feel like a lifesaver. And why not? They can fill the gaps and let you smile and talk with confidence. The sad part is, they can sometimes slip when you speak, laugh, or cough. They can also make it hard for you to eat certain foods, and they will need to be placed in water or denture solution at night.

Dealing with Daily Troubles

The hassles associated with dentures may seem insignificant for some, as it completes a gapped smile. Over time, however, they may not be able to do what they were supposed to do. In fact, many wearers experience a change in taste, premature aging, bone loss, and even digestive problems. Adhesives may help you deal with a loose fitting appliance, but they can be a constant hassle to deal with daily.

True Costs of Having Dentures

South Bend dental implant centers note that dentures may be more affordable initially, but they need constant adjustments. The daily cost of using adhesives can also add up over the years, making it not much of a practical choice. Dental implants are a better alternative, as they can restore your smile and address problems that dentures cannot. They can retain your face shape, avoid bone loss, and keep your teeth in your mouth, not in a cup or glass.

The Next Best Thing to the Real Thing

They best thing about dentures is that they look, feel, and function like the real thing. They also allow you speak, smile, and laugh with confidence, as you won’t have to worry about your teeth loosening or falling out. With dental implants, furthermore, you can eat and enjoy your favorite foods. You can bite naturally, which will help improve oral and overall health.

You always the have choice to choose dentures over implants. You, however, need to be ready to face all the consequences associated with wearing the said appliance. You may have a beautiful smile, but other problems are lurking behind. If you, on the other hand, want the best for your teeth and overall health, choose dental implants. They can give your long-lasting, attractive smile and won’t let you down. 

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