Don’t Fall for Bogus Weight Loss Products and Fad Diets

A girl pouring a healthy vegetable shake on a glassWith society’s ridiculous obsession on being thin, it’s not surprising that countless people fall for deceptive weight loss products and fad diets. But it’s simple really—if it’s too good to be true, it most probably is.

Some ingredients in herbal products and supplements could be hazardous, and fatal for some individuals. The same goes for diet plans with certain food combinations. With this in mind, don’t fall prey to weight loss products or diets that feature these false claims:

Burn Fat without Exercising

Everyone needs regular exercise for healthy weight loss and management. The key to getting regular weight loss exercise for women and men is to find a regimen that’s fun for you and that you could do for at least 30 to 60 minutes, five days a week.

Quick and Easy Weight Loss

Studies have shown that consistent and slow weight loss of a pound or two each week would result in more dramatic and lasting changes. With rapid weight loss, you would lose water, bone, and muscle, but would likewise regain all the pounds you lost quickly.

Certain Combination of Foods

There’s no real proof that eating foods at certain times throughout the day or combining particular foods would aid in weight loss. Eating wrong food combinations as some diet plans claim won’t lead to the foods turning immediately into fat or generate toxins in your body.

Rigid Food Limitations

Don’t fall for diets that only allow you to eat a certain food such as egg, cabbage, or grapefruit. Avoid diets that significantly restrict or eliminate entire food groups like carbs, because you’d miss out on essential nutrients, even with supplementation. Put simply, ask yourself if you could eat the same way for your entire life, and if you answer no, then ditch that diet.

Maintaining a healthy weight, losing fat, and building muscle involve being more mobile and eating smarter. If you’ve tried dieting and exercising on your own to no avail, it’s best that you discuss your goals with a professional so that you could figure out a flexible, sustainable, and realistic diet and exercise regimen that would help you feel your best.

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