Dental Crisis in NZ Urges Us to Take Care of Our Teeth

Woman Suffering from toothacheNew Zealand has a dental crisis. In 2016, as many as 30,000 children had a tooth extraction, and 6,600 had rotten teeth and required hospitalisation. Adult Kiwis, on the other hand, no longer visit dentists because of high costs. As a result, tooth decay has become the number 1 disease in NZ.

Deal with Dental Problems

You might be one of those adults who have skipped regular dentist visits. You might have to visit a Tauranga-based emergency dentist soon, however, if you begin to feel intense pain in your mouth.

Now, you might not know what to do in such a case, so you can follow the steps below to deal with your dental problem.

Problem 1: Toothaches

A toothache will be a minor problem, but still an important one. It could indicate a number of dental issues. When you have a toothache, you should call a dentist and arrange for an appointment. The dentist can find out more about the underlying problem and deal with it accordingly.

Problem 2: Intense Pain

When you get hit in the face or have a severe toothache, however, your problem is more serious. Find an emergency dentist immediately for help. Time will be of the essence, especially when you lose a tooth. You can take painkillers to help with the pain while you look for a dentist.

Prevent to Stay Healthy

Of course, you can prevent any of the painful cases above if you only have your teeth checked twice a year. Prevention serves as an integral step in dealing with dental problems too. Preventive dental work can keep your mouth healthy, and you can stop worrying about sudden dental emergencies that can stress you out.

You can be different from the larger Kiwi community by taking care of your teeth. The costs will be high, but it will be all worth it. You will be able to prevent coronal decay and root decay to your teeth that one in three and one in ten of Kiwi adults have. You will personally be safe from a dental crisis.

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