Can I Prevent Spider Veins?

Varicose VeinsSpider veins appear as thin, short, jagged, red, blue or purple lines that resemble tree branches or spider webs. They are usually found on the legs and feet. People often ask, “Can spider veins be prevented?”

Some Spider Veins Can Be Prevented

Not all spider veins are preventable. However, there are proven ways to reduce your risk of getting new spider veins and ease the discomfort of the existing ones. Here are some of the recommendations of spider vein doctors in St. George, Utah, like

1.    Wear Sunscreen

Sunscreen shields the skin from the sun, which is one of the causes of spider veins. Wearing sunscreen then reduces the risk of spider veins developing on the face.

2.    Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise can help improve your circulation and vein strength. Activities such as walking or running will assist in strengthening your legs.

3.    Control Your Weight

Being overweight puts undue pressure on the legs. Losing weight goes a long way in reducing the pressure and preventing vein problems.

4.    Avoid Crossing Your Legs for Long Periods

Crossing your legs for a long time when sitting increases the risk of leg injuries. Leg injuries then increase the risk of vein trouble.

5.    Avoid Sitting or Standing for Long Times

Shift your weight between your legs every few minutes whenever you have to stand for a long time. Conversely, stand up every 30 minutes when you have to sit for a long time. When you stand, move around or walk a short distance.

6.    Avoid High Heels

Don’t wear high heels for long periods. Instead, wear lower-heeled shoes as these can help tone the calf muscles and improve blood circulation.

7.    Avoid Tight Clothing

Elastic support stockings are recommended. Also, do not wear tight clothing that may constrict your waist, groin area, or legs.

While there is no way to prevent spider veins, improving your muscle tone and circulation can lower your chance of getting spider veins or developing new ones. Exercise regularly and watch what you wear, your weight, and diet.

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