3 Food Categories to Avoid to Maintain Bright Teeth after Whitening

Woman Undergoing Dental Check-upTeeth whitening is necessary to get rid of stains, even out the color of your teeth after cosmetic procedures, or just to touch up your smile. The process is non-invasive and can have lasting effects if well maintained. Once you have carefully determined your teeth whitening specialist in South Bend, Indiana, you need to be aware of the post-treatment care.

This is more so in the first 48 hours as the chemical treatments used during the process make your teeth porous, which further increases their vulnerability to discoloration. To preserve the white color and keep your teeth looking beautiful for long, here are foods to avoid.

Extremely hot or cold foods

Teeth sensitivity is quite common after a whitening treatment. This results in pain if they are exposed to cold or hot temperatures. To minimize the risk of damage and associated pain, consume your food and drinks at room temperature.

Colored foods

When it comes to determining if the colored food will affect your teeth, the rule of the thumb is to avoid anything that can stain a white napkin. To maintain your pearly whites, stay away from dark alcoholic beverages, colas, sports drinks, dark fruits, and sauces. Coffee, tea, red wine, chocolate, ketchup, and grapes should not be part of your menu. Opt for plain foods such as chicken, bananas, pasta, cauliflower, and white rice. Drink water, skimmed milk, and colorless beverages.

Acidic foods

You should limit the consumption of acidic beverages and foods too as teeth whitening causes transient gum irritation. If the gum comes into contact with these, you will experience stinging, which is quite uncomfortable. Avoid pickled foods, citric juices and fruits, and vinegar.

Teeth whitening leaves you with pearly whites, which boost your self-confidence and esteem. The first few days after the treatment are vital. Engage your dentist on the aftercare procedure to have a long-lasting effect.

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