Which Glass Type Suits Your Door?

Glass door of a storeMany homeowners want their home to reflect their taste and personality, especially when it comes to their bathroom. Every shower space needs a door to perfectly suit any size or style. The shower door helps enhance the design of your bathroom and make it the final piece of your interior home decor.

Glass showers can be made from a variety of types. Glass design uses various colours, patterns, and glass types. Here are some frameless showers glass options in Auckland, you could consider for your home showers.

Frosted Glass

Acid etching creates frosted glass from ordinary glass. The result is a distinctively smooth, uniform and satin-like finish. It provides a little bit of opacity, but still allows some soft lighting into the bathroom. The glass is etched on only one side leaving the other side clear and plain.

Grey Glass

This type of glass allows the shower some privacy. Additionally, they make your bathroom stand out due to the unique colour blend to the rest of the home.

Rain Glass

Characterized by attractive rain patterns, this glass option offers a distinctive and decorative look to your house. It provides visual control and at the same time allows soft lighting inside the bathroom. The glass is patterned only on one side leaving the other side smooth, which makes it easy to clean. If you have young children, this glass type is ideal as it helps conceal fingermarks and minor stains.

Whether you want a custom-made shower door to compliment your bathroom décor, or you want a traditional frameless door, there are enough glass categories to suit your taste and budget. If you are not sure of what to select for your home, contact a professional frameless shower door supplier help you through the process.

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