Want Your Business to Stand Out? Opt for Customised Lanyards

White Blank LanyardBusinesses in today’s competitive society must do their best to stand out so they can attract their target market and convince them to purchase the company’s product or service. One of the ways to draw in consumers is to have bespoke lanyards for the business.

Custom lanyards can serve as an effective tool in promoting a product, service or brand. It has been so effective that some businesses have integrated these promotional products as part of their marketing strategy.

In one case study, in fact, the department store used lanyards to promote store sales. The store would have each salesperson wear a lanyard with printed bespoke inserts to let customers know of the sales going on within the other departments. One department showed off an insert mentioning ‘Bed and Bath Clearance Sale’. The strategy was a success as they could advertise without the sales associate having to say anything about the sale.

The case study established how effective custom lanyards are as a promotional product. On top of the lanyards’ effectiveness as a promotional tool, they can help your business in the following ways:

Create a Good First Impression

First impressions are crucial given that most people form an opinion of your business before you even speak to them. Thus, the details of your branding and your appearance can hold a significant amount of weight regarding the potential customers’ perception of your business. Customised lanyards can tie together your branding efforts and help you create a good and professional first impression.

Make It Easy to Identify Staff

Using a custom lanyard can make your staff easily identifiable at venues like seminars, exhibitions and business trade shows. Exhibition visitors would be able to recognise your employees from a distance once they see the personalised lanyard. This is true especially when your lanyards are of great quality. Well-designed, eye-catching and high-quality lanyards like those offered by Lanyardsfactory.com.au will surely stand out. Moreover, when your employees walk around with a lanyard displaying your company name and logo, it can heighten the awareness and branding of your business.

Bolster Brand Identity

Having your staff wear customised lanyards can help reinforce your brand identity. This applies especially to employees who personally interact with customers on a regular basis, such as technicians or salespeople. Outfitting your staff with custom lanyards helps them portray a professional image and makes it clear whom they work for, whether they are meeting clients out in the field or in-house.

Act as a Great Conversation Starter

Bespoke lanyards featuring your company logo can help start a conversation. It makes the job of promoting your business easier as your staff would not need to walk up to people and tell them about your company. Given that lanyards can act as an excellent conversation piece, they can enhance your networking opportunities, as they are a great way to let people know about your product, service or brand.

If your business is looking to use lanyards to promote sales, form a good first impression, make staff identification easy and enhance brand identity and improve network opportunities, we’re the right company for the job. Our in-house graphic design team can create customised lanyards to help your business stand out in conferences and events. Feel free to ask us about a sample and free mockup today.

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