Three Fun Ideas for Your Company Fundraiser Event

Little girl holding a pumpkin basketEvery year, your company comes up with a fun or amazing way to give back to the community. You often time your fundraising events in October to take advantage of the Halloween theme – and to get many people to participate as well.

This year, however, the boss wants something different for your fundraising, something other than the usual best costume and best Halloween booth contests. Would you like to pitch the following ideas for your upcoming event?

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Children will surely enjoy this contest, and so will their parents, as they do the carving with their kids. ADM Productions recommends making this a family contest so that your family members can participate. Choose the spookiest pumpkin to win. You can also provide the pumpkin and include the payment for it once they sign up for the contest.

Bonfire Event

It’s smores time! This is a perfect fundraiser activity for a get-together by the bonfire. You can have acoustic bands or individuals to sing while you gather around. Just make sure to coordinate this one with your local fire department for the safety and precaution of the audience.

October Fair

Make your fundraiser as festive as possible by doing a big local fair. Just look around for wide spaces where you can set up your fall-themed or Halloween-themed event. Invite concessionaires to set up their food carts or sell items during the event. You might also ink a memorandum of agreement with them to donate at least five or 10 percent of their earnings to your fundraising event. In that way, they earn while you also let them help you in return.

Excited about executing these ideas for your fundraiser event? Don’t forget that the key to success is to always keep in mind that you are helping people have fun while helping others who are in need.

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